Miss British Beauty Curve 2017 - Results 


The Miss British Beauty Curve 2017 grand final took place at the glamorous Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone Kent, on Saturday 5th August. Fifty beautiful finalists from across the county battled it out for their chance to be crowned Miss, Ms and Mrs British Beauty Curve 2017/18.



Congratulations to all the finalists!



Miss British Beauty Curve 2017- Emily Diapre, Miss London Curve 


1st Runner Up - Demi-Louise Bailey, Miss Kent Curve


2nd Runner Up - Nikita Bruce, Miss Surrey Curve


Top 5


Nikita Bruce, Miss Surrey Curve 

Demi-Louise Bailey, Miss Kent Curve

Emily Diapre, Miss London Curve 

Kristina Barnett, Miss Bristol Curve 

Faay Mohamed, Miss Lewisham Curve


Top 10


Kristina Barnett, Miss Bristol Curve

Demi-Louise Bailey, Miss Kent Curve

Emily Diapre, Miss London Curve

Imarni Isaac, Miss Enfield Curve

Faay Mohamed, Miss Lewisham Curve

Nikita Bruce, Miss Surrey Curve

Cashanna Spencer, Miss North West London Curve 

Emily Schofield, Miss Essex Curve 

Nicola-Marie Barker-Lane, Miss Derbyshire Curve 

Emma Head, Miss Maidstone Curve 



Best In Glitz & Glamour - Emily Diapre, Miss London Curve

Best In Swimwear - Faay Mohamed, Miss Lewisham Curve

Best In Eveningwear - Emily Diapre, Miss London Curve 

Best In Interview - Imarni Isaac, Miss Enfield Curve

Pageant Spirit - Laura Johnson, Miss Oxfordshire Curve 

Publicity - Emily Diapre, Miss London Curve

Best Application - Emily Schofield, Miss Essex Curve

Miss Congeniality - Rebecca Fagan, Miss Birmingham Curve

Top Model -  Demi-Louise Bailey, Miss Kent Curve



Ms British Beauty Curve 2017- Tracey Haynes, Ms Suffolk Curve 


1st Runner Up - Charlotte Philips, Ms Gloucestershire Curve


2nd Runner Up - Kerrie Downer, Ms London Curve


Top 5


Charlotte Philips, Ms Gloucestershire Curve

Claire Tracey, Ms Surrey Curve

Kerrie Downer, Ms London Curve 

Louise Smith, Ms Norwich Curve 

Tracey Haynes, Ms Suffolk Curve 


Best In Glitz & Glamour - Tracey Haynes, Ms Suffolk Curve

Best In Swimwear - Kerrie Downer, Ms London Curve

Best In Eveningwear -  Tracey Haynes, Ms Suffolk Curve

Best In Interview - Tracey Haynes, Ms Suffolk Curve

Pageant Spirit - Charlotte Philips, Ms Gloucestershire Curve

Publicity - Tracey Haynes, Ms Suffolk Curve

Best Application - Hannah Bowtell, Ms Purely Curve

Ms Congeniality - Charlotte Philips, Ms Gloucestershire Curve

Top Model -  Sunita Edmondson, Ms South London Curve


Mrs British Beauty Curve 2017- Sophie-Leah Brady, Mrs Liverpool Curve  


1st Runner Up - Isha Crosdale, Mrs Croydon Curve


2nd Runner Up - Amy Oltai, Mrs Bolton Curve


Top 5


Amy Oltai, Mrs Norfolk Curve

Angelina Anderson, Mrs London Curve

Sophie-Leah Brady, Mrs Liverpool Curve 

Becka Fisher, Mrs Lincolnshire Curve

Isha Crosdale, Mrs Croydon Curve


Best In Glitz & Glamour - Isha Crosdale, Mrs Croydon Curve

Best In Swimwear - Amy Oltai, Mrs Norfolk Curve

Best In Eveningwear -  Sophie-Leah Brady, Mrs Liverpool Curve 

Best In Interview - Becka Fisher, Mrs Lincolnshire Curve

Pageant Spirit - Sophie-Leah Brady, Mrs Liverpool Curve 

Publicity - Sophie-Leah Brady, Mrs Liverpool Curve 

Best Application - Becka Fisher, Mrs Lincolnshire Curve

Mrs Congeniality - Amy Oltai, Mrs Norfolk Curve

Top Model - Isha Crosdale, Mrs Croydon Curve