Miss British Beauty Curve 2013 - Elena Raouna


"I wanted to enter MBBC to firstly prove a point to myself that I can be confident to get out there and embrace my curves! I wanted to be more body confident and show women of all she and size no matter what you look like you can b confident within your own skin! Every single person is different and there is no such thing as perfect! I knew that by doing this pageant it was my way of getting my opinion out there! And I wanted to be an inspiration and a role model to curvaceous ladies! 


I absolutely loved my Photo shoot! It was my first ever one and the photographer made me feel like a superstar! She said I was a natural and so did the amazing girls from the pageant! Since that shoot I showed my photos to agencies and photographers and since then I've modelled for ASOS, Swimdress boutique, yours clothing featured me on their blog, and I've been signed to amc agency too! I've even gone as far as filing for a couple of TV shows one being catchphrase! It's made my confidence grow so much and given me the motivation to do more! If I can win the pageant anyone can and I want to take all the plus size ladies there with me! I never thought a pageant and a Photo shoot could make me achieve so much! I even featured in daily mail online daily star paper international, reveal and take a break magazines and local Yorkshire papers ... I even stretched out as far as appearing in the Greek news and papers in Cyprus and London!


 I cannot wait to be in the judges seat knowing that I can be a part of the process of selecting the deserving winner of the 2014 crown! I will completely understand what it's like to be in their shoes and I know that every woman on stage will deserve the crown but I'll be looking for someone who wants to really own the crown like I did and put themselves out to the nation and keep inspiring others to embrace their curves! 


My advice for this year’s finalists is; I just hope that everyone comes with the right attitude to accept everyone around them and inspire each other ... Also to be themselves all I did was smile and speak to everyone and met some amazing people! It should be seen as a fun day out because that's what it was for me! It was a day I'll never forget!"

Miss British Beauty Curve 2013

Miss British Beauty Curve 2013